Mission for Restoration

New Bible Schools in Punjab, India​


By the grace of God another door opened in PUNJAB, India. Now, there are seven new Restoration Bible Schools in Ludhiana and Amritser districts in Punjab state of India. 

Raising the Remnants for Revival

As our Lord Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”.  It is the time to equip, encourage and enlight the young remnants for a great revival which the entire world egarly waiting for.

How Restoration Bible School impacted their lives!​

I’m much blessed as I’m learning the fundamental truths of Christian living through the Restoration bible school in my church. It impacted my life to do something for our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ!. Now I am able to share the Gospel with others.
Chennai, India
A special thanks to Restoration Bible School and their lessons are empowered me in the faith and provided strength to move forward for the kingdom of the Lord.
Really it’s an wonderful experience.
Chennai, India
He came to know from a Christian friend about the Restoration school, and there would be an opportunity to learn more about God. So, Panuel decided to attend the school and wanted to get closer to God.
Panual Biswas
Jhenaidah, Bangladesh
Thank you Lord Jesus for Restoration Bible School. Now, I'm regularly praying and the Lord helps me to spend more time in reading the Holy Bible. Much changes in my life and i started sharing what I learnt in this Bible School with my friends
Perumbur, India
I would like to share what i learnt from RSOM Bible School. I got clarity in understanding the Triune God. It was a blessing to know the plan that God kept for the church and its importance on His plan of redemption. Now my faith in the Lord grew much stronger than before.
Trichy, India
I am indeed happy to be the part of this bible course. Restoration Bible school spiritually enlightened my view on God and kept me pushing towards His grace. I strongly believe that only Scripture has the power to do such things in our life.
Trichy, India
I just causally joined this Bible Schooi. But while studying about the Holy Spirit and His gifts, I was able to recognize the gifts God had bestowed on me. Now I am having the Word of Knowledge to teach others. I thank God for Restoration Bible School.
Esther Sorna Rani
Chennai, India
I am a housekeeper. I have learnt many things in this Bible school. It was an eyeopener for me. These classes were not only educational; but also empowered me in the faith and strength to move forward for the kingdom of the Lord.
Thuraiyur, India